vitamin b complex for calf

Vitamin B complexes is an essential part of several enzymes that helps in carrying out different metabolic activity of the body and stimulates different organ function. The main function of this vitamin b complexes is to synthesize nucleic acids and proteins but, in some cases, it also synthesizes fats and carbohydrates. The general function of this class of vitamin is to promote red blood cells synthesis and to maintain the integrity of nervous system. This vitamin compound is achieved by the proper supplementation of feed which is helpful in providing this with other vital nutrients. Its deficiency in the body can cause many severe health related issues. Each member of vitamin b complex family has unique action and structure in the body. Some of the complexes are Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12 which helps in energy production in the body. Vitamin B6 is essential for amino acid metabolism, and vitamin B12 facilitate cell division. A large quantity of B-complexes can be used to combat everyday stress, boosting energy and other benefits. Providing better vitamin complexes can be done by the feed. If feed fails then we provide external vitamin supplement which can replenish the deficiency. Total complex is one of the vitamin b-complex supplement which can helpful in these deficiencies. It composition contains all vital vitamin compounds like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 & B12 which promotes a better body function and health. With the consumption of this it provides many health benefits to the body.

  1. Effective Prevention Against pyrosis and muscular dystrophy.
  2. Increase general health and disease resistance.
  3. Ensures relief from all kind of stress.
  4. Improves fertility .
  5. Better FCR.

For Calves & Heifers

Or, as directed by veterinarian consultant.

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Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.

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