Vitamins & Minerals play an important role in providing better health and improved reproduction with a better immunity within the body. Cattle can survive on the feed and forages they eat which provides various nutritional value to the body. Any droppage in feed consumption can lowers the nutritional value in the body and a huge of health reduction can be seen which increase the risk of development of various diseases. Majority of the cattle farmers or producers provide various types of minerals and vitamins through various types of feed and pastures. Unavailability of these feed can cut the production cost in the short run, but if the condition persists it can be very costly for the long run. There are numerous threats to the health of large animals such as ruminant like cattle which arose from a poor or imbalanced diet. As a result, many farmers rely on the use of external cattle feed supplement and trace minerals which can help in fulfilling the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. These supplement offers a huge benefit to cattle, farmers, and cattle feed manufacturers. With the use of these supplements, better health and improved body function can be seen. Everything is improved like milk production, growth, immunity, meat quality, reproduction with the use of proper supplementation.

Basic About Cattle Supplements

Cattle feed additives and supplement are external ingredients which are composed of various nutrients like minerals, amino acids different types of vitamins which are added in micro quantities that help in improving the efficiency of the feed and controls the growth of diseases. There are widely in operation among farmers especially for dairy farmers and meat producers as these products are always in demand. This is in larger part as it is extremely easy to buy, store and safe to use. Farmers and feed manufacturers in the livestock industry understand the value of supplementation and they know that ensuring a proper diet in animals can help in enhancing health and removes various kind of deficiency and diseases. An animal doesn't have the ability to determine the feed they are consuming and the nutrients they are getting. It's all upon the farmers to find ways to consume the nutrients they need to stay healthy and productive. In general, matured cattle consume near about 1Kg of daily eat matter almost 2% of their body weight, whereas in lactating animals the need is 3-4% of their total weight. More the consumption of feed and supplement more is the productive herd. The requirement of supplement depends on the animal age and its health condition. Young animals or which are in the growing stage the requirement of nutrients is high and they need an optimal amount of nutrition for better health and better growth. In some animals who found difficulty in consuming feed either due to health problems or due to disease, the need for supplement is higher.

The nutritional supplement includes various types of cattle feed enzymes and other organic trace minerals and vitamins including:
> Calcium
> Phosphorus
> Magnesium
> Selenium
> Vitamin A
> Vitamin D
> Vitamin C
> Vitamin B complexes
> Iron
> Zinc
Calcium: In this calcium is used for proper muscles growth, better and stronger bones and effective skeletal integrity. Its deficiency can cause anaemia, leg weakness, stunted growth, and osteomalacia. It can be cured by using calcium supplementation along with the feed.
Iron: It is is used for a better formation of blood, an improved quantity of haemoglobin and maintains RBC in the blood for better growth and health.
Selenium: It helps in enhancing reproduction and immunity. It can help in the prevention of retained placenta, uterine infection and other diseases.
Phosphorus: This is an important and most vital element that helps in enhancing growth, better milk production and improved fertility. Its deficiency in the body can give rise to breeding problems, reduced conception rates and reduced average daily gains.
Zinc: It plays an important role in the proper maintenance of skins, inner gut lining and the lining in reproductive organs. Deficiencies will result in decreased fertility, skin problems and joint problems and low nutrient absorption.
The end result and conclusion are that cattle don't grow quickly and efficiently as they could without the help of an external supplement. Here at Anfotal Nutritions, you can get all kinds of supplement for each and every problem. Go and checkout the product that you need you most.

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