In agriculture, Dairy farming holds a very important place for about thousands of years. Today a lot of dairy cows are specially bred for the maximum production of milk. Milk is the most consumed food for humans and nearly 250millions of cows are bred and farmed for producing milk around the world. Comparing with other milking animals’ cattle presents many advantages in terms of ease of milking, udder size, and the ability to store milk. Better quality and quantity of milk is produced when there is an ample amount of essential nutrients in the body which help in enhancing milk production. These feeds basically contain all types of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other vital elements that are essentially needed. In addition, if there is a shortage of feed, there is an imbalance of nutrition which can cause low productivity. Balanced nutrition in the feed contributes to a reduction in the cost of production with improved health. When the feed fails, in providing the desired nutrients there seems a low production of milk which can lead to increasing the feed cost. Other than this the growth of body and health also start decreasing gradually. In this situation, there is a need for external supplementation of nutrients which can help in replenishing the nutrients of the body and way back the body to function normally. We should use external organic trace mineral for mineral deficiency and cattle multivitamin supplement for vitamin deficiency. These are the two main elements which ensure better health and improved body function. Other than this, for better milk production, we can use milk enhancer supplement which can boost the production of milk. Feeding them with bypass fat supplement . helps in yielding high during advanced pregnancy and early lactation thus help in decreasing energy deficiency. It comprises of fatty acids associated with calcium ions. It has a low solubility in the rumen and less susceptible to biohydrogenation. With this, it helps in increasing milk production and reproduction. Feeding with bypass fat supplement can provide many benefits. Feeding with bypass fat supplement can provide many benefits.
> Enhance milk production.
> Improves reproductivity after birthing.
> Decreases metabolic disorders and milk fever.
> Increase the productivity of dairy cattle.

With this, there is a parameter name as SNF (Solid Not Fat) which hold an important position. It is a condition which consists of everything except milk fat and water.

It means solid content like fat protein, lactose, minerals are left behind after complete evaporation of water from the milk. Generally, cow's milk contains 8.5% of SNF whereas buffalo milk contains 9% SNF. Proper supplementation of feed along with supplements is one of the factors which enhance better milk production with maximum fat and SNF content. "Lactomed" is one of the best cattle herbal milk enhancer supplement which can help in enhancing the milk production with a maximum fat and SNF content. This supplement consists of Bypass fat, calcium, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, herbal extracts which boost milk production.
> Enhance Milk Production in early lactating animals.
> Fulfills the nutrient requirement in high-performance animals.
> Delivers energy during less than optimum conditions.
> Aids in maintaining milk fat.
> Improves appetite.
> Enhance reproductive performance.
With the use of "Lactomed" you can significantly increase the milk production and increase milk fat. Get these supplements from Anfotal Nutrition, a leading manufacturer and supplier of these health supplements.

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