Goat Heat Stress reliever electrolytes

Goat and sheep are a vital farmed animal which are usually used for milk, meat and wool. Best quality of these products is obtained when the health of goat and sheep is in optimum condition. Better health of these animals is gained by the consuming high quality of feed which can provide the vital nutrients to the body which enhances metabolic activity and strengthen the immune system. Better immunity provides strength to the body and makes it free from diseases and attacks of pathogens. If the immune system weakens it makes the body more prone to attacks of viruses or pathogens which can severely affects health. For this we can use immunity booster supplement which can helps in enhancing and boosting the immunity of these animals. Better immunity provides better health to the body. Seletonic is one the widely used immunity supplement that can helps in enhancing immunity with other health benefits. It is an advanced formula of Natural immunity booster with added advantage of vitamin E and selenium for better health. With the consumption of these it can benefit the body with many ways.

  1. Boost Immunity.
  2. Give strength and vitality.
  3. Helps in tolerating extra stress.
  4. Enhances fertility and early sexual maturities.
  5. Reduce stress.
  6. Improves performance and production.

For Goats & Sheep

Goat Kids/Lambs: 5ml-10ml/Animal/Day.

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Enhance milk production in milch animals. Helps in building better and stronger bones.

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